Prefabricated Houses (Metal Structure)


Our insulated structures are constructed of three main components. warehouse

  • The frame is made with galvanized steel and anodized aluminum for strength, durability, and flexibility. The various frame components are bolted together to form the structure’s skeleton.
  • The vertical walls are 2 inches thick composed of two pieces of steel sheeting filled with foam. They are assembled vertically in a tongue and groove fashion. This design allows for insulation, security, and safety. Water can seep under the walls if the interior is lower than the exterior ground level.
  • The tops and gables are double ply 21 oz. coated vinyl fabric that is air inflated. This eliminates condensation, adds strength, aids in shedding rain and snow, and forms a “dead air space” insulation factor. The tops are inflated with a small air pump, which cycles on and off to maintain the proper air pressure (pump does require a 110v power supply).
  • Personnel and overhead doors will be installed for access to the building at points meeting your specific needs.
  • The framework is the same as the insulated model. However the walls, tops and gables are single ply construction.

What is included

warehouse1.Single opening

2.Double or multi opening  with common column in between

3.Double opening

4.Arc roof

5.Fuller warehouse

6.Polygon warehouse



  • Fully Engineered (Data and Drawings available for permitting)
  • Snow Load Rated
  • Wind Load Rated
  • Fire Retardant Material


Galvanized Steel and Anodized Aluminum construction


Steel wall panels, Personnel doors, and Overhead doors

4.No Unusable space:

Our structures have vertical walls which maximize usable square footage therefore increasing your vertical square footage. (NO ROUNDED ARCHES)


5.Expandable after installation

  • Additional 5 meter bays can be added to the length, therefore increasing space without dismantling the entire original structure.
  1. Lease (insulated model only):
  • No need to build a new permanent building if your need is not long term
  1. No special foundation required:
  • Structure can be erected on dirt, asphalt, or existing concrete (site leveling may be needed for proper drainage). Slight terrain variations will not effect structure construction or stability.
  1. Insulated:
  • Two-inch thick walls and two-ply inflatable roof/gable panels decrease heating/cooling costs.
  1. Climate Control:
  • Structures can be heated, cooled, and/or ventilated. However, the structures are not airtightsoole001
  1. Fabric roof panels:
  • Allow natural light penetration
  • Easily repaired if damaged
  • Sheds rain and snow
  • UV resistant
  • On-site installation
  • No need to lease warehouse space miles away from the job-site, eliminating security concerns and transportation costs associated with off-site facilities.
  • Maintain Free
  • Once the structure is installed no routine maintenance is required.
  • Financial
  • Rapid professional installation
  • Structure can be delivered in a matter of weeks and erected in days. As compared to months or years for permanent construction. (Delivery and Installation time based on availability and size of structure needed).


  1. Flexible Specifications
    Choose your:




Non Insulated


  1. Safety and Security

Snow and wind load rated

Fully engineered


Certified Flame retardant vinyl