In Ground / Pitted Weighbridge

RSOTrading  has been exporting weighing equipment for the past 10 years to Guinea ,Congo, Mali, Cameron ,Nigeria, Liberia ,Angola ,Syria , Lebanon…

As the exporter of weighbridges, sizes and capacities are to the customers’ requirements to ensure full flexibility in incorporating the system into the true application. Discussions on what is required are essential to ensure the installed system is appropriate to weigh the vehicles in the manner that is requested. These consultations are through experienced sales person who has many years of experience in both the sales and applications.

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fffrIn Ground / Pitted Weighbridge

Standard dimensions
Number of load cells (ASC/30T) capacity dimensions
4 40ton 6*3
4 50ton 8*3
6 60ton 16*3
6 or 8 80ton 18*3

Load-cell ASC Load-cell ASC design

  • produced by Revere Company in Holland
  • used in many of bascules all over the world
  • has the minimum breakdown statics
  • Using of the most accurate pieces in producing load-cell
  • Resistant against shock’s voltage (Surge Protection)
  • Having 6000D,OMIL,R60 certificate and crust protection IP68
  • Full sealing Steel body for using in worse conditions

Display LD 5218 design

  • Weighting software is presentableDisplay LD 5218
  • Full Static and management reports in daily or time periods manner
  • Way Bridge note with optional format
  • Ability of saving data on CD
  • Ability of introducing various operators with different access levels


Epson printer LQ300+ll Epson printer LQ300+ll design

  • For printing weighting note and statics’ reports.




Weighting software

  • Produced by Leon Engineering (Europe Union)
  • is suitable for road bascule with and Europe Union OIML standards
  • Table design (stainless model by choice)
  • LCD display, 16 character with interior degree of 9900000 parts
  • Alfa Numeric keyboard for data input
  • RS232,RS48S output for connection with printer and PC
  • Display delivery Gamma07 in the case of buyers choice and need to print