Above Ground Weight Bridge

The Main Technical Features:

  • Being at the same level with the  ground surface
  • need to be concaved deeper compared to the on ground weight bridges
  • Suitable for areas where groundwater level is not high.
  • No need for ramps
  • Less  platform fatigue due to its structural nature
  • The full metal above ground weight bridges are available in different weight capacities.
    They are able to tolerate weights from 50 tons up to 80 tons.
Weight Capacity 80 T 60 T 50 T
Dimensions 3*18 m 3*16 m 3*18
Monitor TEC-1500A TEC-1500A TEC-1500A
Covering Sheet Thickness MM10 MM10 MM10
Plate Type full Metal full Metal full Metal
Load-cell  Capacity 30 t 30 t 30 t
total of Load-cells 6 6 4
Load cells Capacity 180 t 180 t 120 t
Zineh 10 kg 10 kg 10 kg
maximum Safe capacity 360 t 360 t 240 t
Strength 180 t 180 t 90 t

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