Transit Mixer 9m3

  • Low center of gravity of the truck mixer creates an ideal balanced load distribution to obtain better driving and perfect stability particularly by narrow bends.
  • The axle-frame and counter- frame arrangement provides good road adherence, superior maneuverability, as well as improved safety.
  • High mixing capacity and maximum output thanks to the optimal position of the spiral blades in the drum
  • Adjustable basic frame, straight or shaped
  • Drum base thickness of 5 mm and 8 mm.
  • Spiral blades are made of 5 mm wear-resistant steel, protected by protection on the edge.
  • External oil- cooler
  • Water meter
  • Pneumatic water supply from truck compression
  • Two washing nozzles ( one at ground level by quick joint and one on ladder platform)
  • Additional discharge chute
  • Discharging chute with manual movement
  • Controlled by electrical panel and lever
  • Machine completely painted in rust preventive substance and regular paint finish
  • Access ladder with large , high -mounted platform

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What is included

Transit Mixer 9m3

Optional Features :

  • Crone-shaped discharging chute
  • Two additional Chute
  • Rubber covering protection between mudguards   and mixer frame, plus rubber mud flaps.
  • Machine completely sandblasted and painted with special paint finish.
Driven by Separate engine Truck engine
Nominal Capacity (m3): 9 9
Geometric Drum Volume (m3): 14 14
power Requirement (kw): 70-73 70-73
mixer weight in vacant condition (kg): 5.250 4.650
required Headroom (cm): 253 253