Portable Crushing Plant

  • Ability of transport the machine with trailer to any point for preparation of aggregates.
  • Its dimension and weight are based on the road regulations.
  • Fast and simple installation of the machine in a minimum time.
  • No need for foundation it install the chassis.
  • Preparation and production of stone is based on the material where civil operations were executed so results omitting related charges for material transportation to the place of project execution.
  • Good flexibility in installation and receiving material.
  • Design and manufacturing of machine performed according to scientific principles and international standards.
  • Having confirmation certificate from Industrial & Scientific Researches Organization of Iran.
  • Locating emergency push buttons on machine and having a high safety. .
  • Simplicity of maintenance and accessibility of different parts.
  • Protection of machine bearings against the dust and humidity.
  • Fast providing of machine spar parts.
  • Anti friction stone bed and for manufacturing of hoppers and chutes.
  • Use of main electrical elements from TELEMECHANIC of France or SIEMENS of Germany in machine control panel.
  • Benefiting from SIEMENS or VEM electromotor made in Germany with safety class of F and IP 54.

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What is included

Primary Chassis Set

At the beginning of crushing process the material ( below 450 mm) is fed into the vibration feeder . The vibrating feeder which is made of wear resistance steel sheet directs the material into grizzly screen. The heavy duty double Grizzly screen is set to scalp material below 6 mm. This scalped material is removed from the crushing process and stockpile at the side of the unit . The wear resistance and string Grizzly section direct the course feed material in to the jaw crusher. and the rest of the material without entering the jaw crusher is directed into the impact crusher by means of the relative conveyor. The discharge opening of the jaw crusher is adjustable . All the equipments of the first crushing process are mounted on the primary chassis.


Unit Type Capacity(tph) Size(m) Power(kw)
Feeder Vibratory 60-150 1-3 2*3
Screen Grizzly 60-150 1*2 7.5
Jaw Crusher Single Toggle 100 500*900 75
Belt Conveyor Main Discharge 120 12*0.65 7.5
Belt Conveyor Soil Output 20 8*0.5 3

portable crushing plant

Secondary Chassis Set

Ability for crushing stone with maximum dimension 150 mm and delivery of four type of products with dimension 0-8 mm, 8-15 mm,15-25 mm, 25-70 mm and ability for change in size and number of needed product graining. Production capacity of 150 ton/h, during transport length, width and height respectively are 14 m, 2.5 m,4.48 m, secondary chassis weight is 30 ton, consumed power in maximum load is 120 kw, needed generator power is 160kw. In the second phase of crushing process, the material ( below 120mm ) discharged from the first phase is entered into the impact crusher and crushed .

The crushed material discharged from the impact crusher is delivered into a triple- deck vibrating screen by means of the relative belt conveyor. The capacity of vibrating screen is adjustable. These exchangeable screens efficiently handle the material and classify them in 3 sizes at each side of the secondary chassis. All the equipments of the second crushing process are mounted on the secondary chassis . if material within the range 5-50 mm is needed the aggregates returned from the first of vibrating screen can be used as final product, which in this case the capacity will be increased.

Unit Type Capacity(tph) Size(m) Power(kw)
Impact Crusher 8 hammer 100 200 90
Impact Crusher 12 hammer 100 200 90
Screen 3 deck Vibrating 60-150 4.5*1.2 7.5
Belt Conveyor over the screen 120 12*0.65 7.5
Belt Conveyor Side 20-50 8*0.5 3
Belt Conveyor aggregate Discharge 20 11.5*0.5 3