Block Making Egg Laying Machine Model: 1200-1400B/H


Block machine featuring high production efficiency, distinctively easy and effortless to operate: the operator works always sitting at control levers.

The excellent quality of compression together with a fast production cycle enable a smooth, evenly crafted and considerable output of cement blocks, this machine is very strongly built and rugged; its mechanical parts and hydraulic elements exceeding necessities guarantee long life and extreme reliability. Quality production, minimum service and maintenance need together with rugged; strong built make it the safe choice for the most demanding producers.

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What is included

Block Making Egg Laying Machine Model: 1200-1400B/H


  • Maximum Mould Size:126×100 cm
  • Maximum Mould Height: 20 cm ; on request 22, 5 cm
  • Weight & Dimensions: Approx… 4,300 Kg — 2.30 x 2.60 x 2.00 M.
  • Voltage: 220-380V / Three Phases.
  • Hydraulic System with seven Hand Levers: Feeding & Loading the blocks
  • Pressing the blocks / Unloading the blocks / Moving the Machine
  • Back & forth / Turning the Machine / Opening & closing the Silo lid / Fifth
  • Wheel lever
  • Feeding Silo/Container: 1,100L Silo for the depot of the material equipped
  • With a hydraulic cylinder for the opening & closing.
  • Vibrators: Four 300Kgf Vibrators at both sides of the Machine driven by four
  • Electric motors tot:12HP to press the material into the moulds.
  • Press: One hydraulic cylinder to press the material, simultaneous with the Vibrators.
  • 100L hydraulic oil tank with a hydraulic pump & a 10HP electric motor.
  • Three Hydro Motors (tot.1, 500CC) enabling the moving & turning of the Machine.
  • Three-phase Control Panel to operate & protect the components…Block Making Egg Laying Machine Model: 1200-1400B/H