Block Making Egg Laying Machine Model: 300-450B/H


Possibly the best compromise between a manual plant involving little investment and the versatility and quality of bigger and more powerful machines: it performs high production with minimum running cost.
The ideal machine to start a medium plant, this machine is very easy to operate and needs minimum service. Mechanical parts and hydraulic elements exceeding necessities guarantee long life and extreme reliability.

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What is included

Block Making Egg Laying Machine Model: 300-450B/H


  • Maximum mould size: 126 x 70 cm,
  • Maximum mould height: 20 cm; on request 25 cm,
  • Weight and dimensions: m35.2, kg 1450,
  • Power: 220-380V; 50-60 Hz; 3phase,Block Making Egg Laying Machine Model: 300-450B/H
  • Motors: 4 motors tot 9 hp,
  • Semiautomatic block machine, manual loading,
  • Double side vibration and simultaneous hydraulic compression from top.
  • First quality hydraulic system adjustable pressure,
  • 2 control levers for: 1. Compression; 2. Stripping,
  • Feeding/Steering with gear motor working on the third wheel,
  • Special torsion build-in bar to ensure constantly parallel stripping,
  • Automatic vibration stop.