Block Making Egg Laying Machine Model: 200-250B/H


Block machine featuring high production efficiency, distinctively easy and effortless to operate: the operator works always sitting at control levers.
The excellent quality of compression together with a fast production cycle enable a smooth, evenly crafted and considerable output of cement blocks, this machine is very strongly built and rugged; its mechanical parts and hydraulic elements exceeding necessities guarantee long life and extreme reliability. Quality production, minimum service and maintenance needs together with rugged; strong built make it the safe choice for the most demanding producers.

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What is included

Block Making Egg Laying Machine Model: 200-250B/H


  • Maximum mould size= 104 x 60 cm
  • Maximum mould height: 60 cm
  • Weight and dimension: 7m3, kg 3100
  • Power: 220-380V; 50-60 Hz; 3 phase
  • Motors: 3 motors tot 11/5hp
  • Semiautomatic machine complete with loading bucket. Block Making Egg Laying Machine: 200-250
  • Double horizontal side vibration and simultaneous compression from top.
  • First quality hydraulic system with adjustable pressure,
  • 5 controls levers for: 1. Mould loading; 2. Compression; 3. Stripping;
  1. Steering 5.Touring
  • Low tension remote control, remote, adjustable motor-protector for each motor, various built – in automatism
  • Automatic vibrators stop,
  • Mixing bucket capacity 650 it with automatic opening and closure,Block Making Egg Laying Machine Model: 200-250B/H
  • Special build- in torsion bar for parallel stripping.