Portable Batching Plant 30 M3

Batching Plant is a concrete producing complex, used in dam building projects, construction, bridge building and etc…. In this complex, different grindings of sand and gravel, cement, water and other additives following weighing at specified predetermined proportions are mixed to produce concrete. These systems are generally either mobile or stationary. In stationary systems time and expense are needed for establishing foundations for equipment installation. In such cases, following termination of projects those foundations and installed piers will be bothersome and once again money and time should be spent to remove them. A mobile system however, has no need to foundation and its installation and preparation time is very short (two or three days). Also, following termination of project, the whole complex can be easily disassembled and transported via a trailer truck to the next site.

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What is included

Technical Specifications

Chassis including :

  • Main frame11
  • Axle and wheels
  • Pneumatic brake system
  • Pin reach for connection to trailer truck
  • Stair and landing complex around the mixer

Aggregate Storage Bins

  • Capability of storing four types of materials with different grading.
  • Capacity of 50 ton (that can be increased)
  • Can be loaded by loader (directly) or truck (indirectly and via conveyor belt)
  • Equipped with discharge outlets controlled with pneumatic jacks

Cement Bins

  • Capable to store two types of cement
  • Approximate capacity of 40 ton
  • Equipped with two screw conveyors for transporting cement to weighing hopper with 7.5 kw electro motors

Aggregates Weighing Hopper And Conveyor

  • With the capacity of weighing 1500 kg13
  • Equipped with digital high precision load cells
  • Three- layered 10 mm conveyor belt
  • Electro gearbox 5.5 kw
  • Belt width 650 mm  

Cement Weighing Hopper

  • With capacity of weighting 500 kg14
  • Equipped with high precision load cell
  • Equipped with discharge outlet, controlled via pneumatic jack

Pneumatic System

  • Pneumatic compressor with pressure of 10 bar15
  • Pneumatic valves
  • Jacks for material and cement discharge outlets
  • Service Unit
  • Pressure Gage
  • Pneumatic system tubing

Aggregate Belt Conveyor

  • Transporter of aggregates from weighing hopper to the mixer16
  • Three-layered 10 mm conveyor belt
  • Electro gearbox 7.5 kw
  • Belt width 650 mm

Concrete Mixer

  • Libeler model, vertical mixer with the capacity of 0.5 m3
  • Crab-arm with 5 mixer arms
  • Horizontal model Z-500 gearbox

Loading System Via Conveyor Belt Including

  • Feeder, conveyor belt and distributor

Water Reservoir

  • In the event of using this reservoir, the need to auxiliary reservoir for appropriate treated water will be eliminated. This reservoir is equipped with pump and pipeline to mixer with the capacity of 4000 Lit.

Water Cooling System

  • Due to importance of water used in producing concrete with desired properties, especially in warm  and tropic regions, this system decreases water temperature to desire level.