Asphalt Plant 120 -140 t/h

  • Capacity 120-140 tonne/hour on the basis of 3% material’s moisture.
  • Control system: fully automatic, half automatic and manual.
  • The material’s temperature from 150-180 centigrade degree.
  • Plant capacity could change up to 15% with respect to grain size, special weight, special temperature and material’s moisture (sand and ballast), type of asphalt and also environmental conditions (pressure and temperature) and fuel’s type.

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What is included

Asphalt Plant 120 -140 t/h

  • Capacity 120-140 ton/hour on the basis of 3% material’s moisture.asphalt-120-140
  • Control system: full automatic, half automatic and manual.
  • Material’s temperature from 150-180 centigrade degree.
  • Plant capacity could change up to 15% with respect to grain size, special weight, special temperature and material’s moisture (sand and ballast), type of asphalt and also environmental conditions (pressure and temperature) and fuel’s type.

Feeding Unit

Four individual feeder bins each with a 15 tonne capacity.untitled-1
Each bin top and mid-section is reinforced for added rigidity.
Bin bottom is designed with a tapered opening to minimise bridging.
Each bin is fitted with independent invertors linked to the control room, allowing accurate adjustment of the aggregate proportions on the go.




 Feed Units  Bin Opening 230*230
Heaped Opening 15 ton per bin
 Cold Feed Conveyor  Belt Length 50*165 cm 3 ply 10mm
Feeder Drive 22 k.w
 Collecting Conveyor Belt Length 50*13 m 3ply 10mm
Belt Drive 4 k.w
 Conveyor to the Dryer  Belt Length 50cm*11m 3 ply 10 m
Belt Drive 4 k.w 


Aggregates from the bucket elevator is discharged over an anti-abrasion lining and then sprayed over the entire screening area. Totally enclosed dust sealed housing, discharge chute, with inspection doors, giving access for inspection, maintenance and mesh changing.


  • Screening Method :Fully enclosed counter weight vibrationuntitled1-1
  • Screen Material :High resistance stainless steel alloy
  • Output :4 product sizes plus over size.
Total Screen Area 3.5 m x 1.40 M
Screen Drive 7.5 K.w electromotor

Elevator Unit

Hot Elevator Unit:
The hot aggregate bucket elevator is a totally enclosed chain driven system.

Bucket tips are double reinforced for maximum durability.The elevator unit is electrically driven from the head shaft via a chain system.

Electromotor Gearbox: 120 TPH 11 K.w80 RPM

Filler Elevator Unit :

The bucket filler elevator is standard to all plants.The warm reclaimed filler obtained from the drying process via the cyclone is collectedelevator-unit and fed to the mixing tower.Warm filler is covered better and more quickly by the bitumen and as an incidental benefit; the specific energy consumption is reduced.As an option, a second mineral filler elevator can be supplied and located parallel to the reclaimed filler elevator.

Electromotor Gearbox      5.5 K.w 30 RPM

Drying Unit

The aggregates are fed by the dryer feed belt into the lower part of the dryer drum in which the initial section contains a series of spiraldrying-unit flights which feed the material towards the internal flights. The flights have been designed in such a way as to lift the aggregates and then drop them in a thin veil in front of the burner flame ensuring an efficient drying process.The Drying unit is started through Siemens soft start technology, resulting in a smooth activation process. The burner and the drum tube form a precisely balanced unit, the combined effect of which is low fuel consumption, exit height and gas temperature and secondary air intake resulting in the improvement and economy of the mixing unit as a whole.

  • Drum Type: Single continuous spiral steel shell is used; in order to maximize heating ,Efficiency, prolong drum shell life and minimize fuel consumption.
  • Friction ring:Width 17 cm, Thickness 7 cm with 4 heavy duty rollers.
  • Activation: Through Siemens Soft Start. Resulting in a low rpm start up gradually working up to full load rpm.
  • Contactors: Tele-mechanic.
Drum Diameter 160 cm
Drum length 7.5 m
Drum Drive 22 kw Electromotor & gearbox
Drum Shell Thikness 10 mm

Water Filter

  • Main tank diameter 2400 mm and 6 m height made from 5 mm steel sheets.water-filter
  • Chimney with 1300 mm diameter and 6 m height made from 5 mm steel sheets
  • Stands : 3 m height made from 8 inch pipes.
  • One water pump with 11 KW electro-motor and 3000 rpm.
  • Equipped with 75 nozzle water sprinkler.
  • Fender cap.
  • Joint pipes and valves used in water recycle pool.
  • Connector channels between the filter and exhaust fan.
Filter : Spray Tower Cyclone Desing
Diameter of Main Tank: 2.4 m
Height: 6 m
Body: 5 mm Thickness,Steel
Exhaust Diameter: 1.3 m
Exhaust Height: 6 m
Exhaust Body: 5 mm Thickness,Steel
Stand Height: 3 m
Water Pump: 50-160,11 k.w Electromotor 3000 rpm
Water Nozzles: 75 Units

Weighing & Mixing Unit

The mixing unit contains Twin shaft high capacity paddles with high wear resistance liners. The mixing blades feature optimizedweighing-mixing-unit shapes and materials to ensure a long service lifespan and easy maintenance. Using load cell technology the fully automatic weighing unit is designed to individually weigh the aggregate, filler and bitumen to provide consistent recipes. The filler dispatch bin is designed to cover the entire span of the mixing unit in order to provide uniform filler distribution. Pneumatic system controls the opening and closing of the storage bin outlet. Constant air pressure is achieved through the over sized compressor and receiver.

  • Outlets :Pneumatic load cell technology
  • Cycle weighing time :15 Sec
  • Cycle mixing time :30 Sec
Height (cm) 98
Witdh (cm) 130
Length (cm) 170

Oil Heater

Two thermometer system. one controls the burner: the other  is the back up that completely turns off the burner if the first thermostatoil-heater is not functioning. pressure switch controls the pressure of the pump. If the pump is not working and pressure drops the pressure switch turns off the burner.

Capacity: 300,000 per hour
Length: 3.5 m
Width: 1.7 m
Height: 2 m
Heating Coil: 5 cm Diameter piping 
Tank Metal Thickness: 3-4 mm
Insulation: Glass wool covered with 2 mm of steel
Burner: 500,000 
Pump: 2 inch oil pump,5.5 Electromotor 3000 rpm

Bitumen Tank

  • Capacity: 45,000 litersbitumen-tank
  • Length: 9.5 meters
  • Height: 2.40 meters
  • Width: 2.40 meters
  • Heating Coils: 4 Layers, 5 cm diameter
  • Tank metal thickness: 5-6 mm
  • Insulation: 5 cm of Glass wool covered by 2 mm of steel lining.
  • Temperature indicator: analog gauge installed in the frame.
  • Pump: 3″ bitumen pump with 11 K.w electromotor 1500 rpm.The bitumen tank is supplied with a floating device that allows the pump to draw the bitumen from the highest point.

Cyclone Unit

  • the dust catching systems is made of 5 mm steel sheet.cyclone-unit
  • Suction and connection channels between the dust catcher system and the dryer.
  • Hot gasses expansion box.
  • 6 mono-unit cyclone with 90 cm diameter in cylinders and makes the total height of 3 m.
  • Chassis made of carriage No 14.
  • Screw conveyor for transmitting filler from the dust catcher to the filler’s evaluator .
  • Connection channel between the cyclone and the fan.

Exhaust Fan

  • Fan’s diameter is 1000 mm and  40 mm width.
  • The fan is made of an anti-rubbing sheet with 4 mm thickness.
  • Shaft’s diameter is 100 mm and equipped with two ball bearings.

    exhaust fan
    exhaust fan
  • Electro-motor with 45 KW power, equipped with a soft starter.
  • Hatch for controlling suction pressure.