Asphalt Plant 100-120 T/H

Asphalt Plant Technical Characteristics with 100-120 t/h  Capacity;

Technical Characteristics;

  • Capacity 100-120 tonne/hour on the basis of 3% material’s moisture.
  • Control system: fully automatic, half automatic and manual.
  • The material’s temperature from 150-180 centigrade degree.
  • Plant capacity could change up to 15% with respect to grain size, special weight, special temperature and material’s moisture (sand and ballast), type of asphalt and also environmental conditions (pressure and temperature) and fuel’s type.

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What is included

Asphalt Plant 100-120 T/H

  • Capacity 100-120 ton/hour on the basis of 3% material’s moisture.asphalt2-plant-1
  • Control system: full automatic, half automatic and manual.
  • Material’s temperature from 150-180 centigrade degree.
  • Plant capacity could change up to 15% with respect to grain size, special weight, special temperature and material’s moisture (sand and ballast), type of asphalt and also environmental conditions (pressure and temperature) and fuel’s type.

Cold Silo

  • 4 cold silo systems with dimension of 3*3 m and capacity of 15 tons each,sli22e1
  • The body of silo is made of 5 mm steel sheets.
  • Stands made of  8 mm Steel sheet bended to 30 *30 cm L- Cuts .
  • Silo’s Cross bands and wind catchers are made of 6 – 8 mm steel sheet.
  • Four 2.2 KW electro-gearboxes equipped with inventor system for  controlling the rotations from the control room.

Feeding Belt Conveyor

  • Dimension of 600*12000 mm .slide1
  • Related stands made of No12 pipes .
  • Equipped with electro-motor gearbox 4 kw , VEM design for feeding the cold materials into the dryer.


  • Dryer made of Spiral pipes with 1800 mm diameter and 8 m height , equipped with 2 radioactive heating areas and convection.slide1-1
  • Snappers of radioactive section are formed and bended with 8 mm steel sheet.
  • Snappers of convention section are formed and bended with 6 mm steel sheet.
  • Chassis made of H-Bar , No 25.
  • Steel gear wheels.
  • Thermometer to control dryer’s output.
  • 2 idlers for  stopping dryer’s linear movement.
  • Electro-motor 37 KW equipped with hydraulic clutch(electric starter).
  • Covered Feeding box connected to the dust catcher made of 4 mm steel sheet .
  • Material’s discharge box in front part of the dryer made of 4 mm steel sheet.
  • Material’s discharge chute and control hatch .
  • Idler rollicks with 550 mm diameter and 210 mm width, designed for transmitting power .
  • Steel rings with 2000 mm diameter and 180 mm width are connected to the dryer body via adjusting stands. Dryer’s torch with 5,000,000 kcal/hour heating capacity ,adjustable from the control cabin.

Multi Cyclone System

  • The dust catching  systems is made of 5 mm steel sheet  .multi-cyclone-system
  • Suction and connection channels between  the dust catcher system and the dryer.
  • Hot gasses expansion box.
  • 6 mono-unit cyclone with 90 cm diameter in cylinders  and makes the total height of 3 m.
  • Chassis made of carriage No 14.
  • Screw conveyor for transmitting filler from the dust catcher to the filler’s evaluator.
  • Connection channel between the cyclone and the fan.

Exchuast Fan

  • Fan’s diameter is 1000 mm and  40 mm width.
  • Fan is made of anti-rubbing sheet with 4 mm thickness.
  • Shaft’s diameter is 100 mm and equipped with two ball bearings.
  • Electro-motor with 45 KW power , equipped with soft starter.
  • Hatch for controlling suction  pressure.

Filler Storing Silo

  • Filler storing silo with 150*110*185 cm dimensions.
  • A spiral system for transmitting the filler to the scale with 1.5 k.w electro-motor gearbox.
  • Overflow chute to control the filler’s surface.

Hot Materials’ Elevator

  • Snapper elevator installed between the dryer’s output chute and the vibration
  • Body’s dimension is 130 x 60 m , made of 4 mm and 5 mm steel sheet .
  • Equipped with skein from spout No 6 and 1.5 m away from each other for an appropriate body firmness.
  • Snappers with 26*30*45 cm dimensions.
  • American oval Shape chains made of  round bars No 16.
  • 15 k.w Electro-motor gearbox .
  • Lower part equipped with spring traction control system.
  • Upper part equipped with output chute and covered with anti-rubbing sheet.

Oil Heater

Two thermometer system. one controls the burner: the other  is the back up that completely turns off the burner if the first thermostatoil-heater is not functioning. pressure switch controls the pressure of the pump. If the pump is not working and pressure drops the pressure switch turns off the burner.

Capacity: 300,000 per hour
Length: 3.5 m
Width: 1.7 m
Height: 2 m
Heating Coil: 5 cm Diameter piping 
Tank Metal Thickness: 3-4 mm
Insulation: Glass wool covered with 2 mm of steel
Burner: 500,000 
Pump: 2 inch oil pump,5.5 Electromotor 3000 rpm

Filler’s Elevator

  • Body’s dimension is 105*43 cm, made of  3 mm steel sheet.fillers-elevator
  • Equipped with skein from spout.
  • Snapper with 15*26*30 cm dimensions.
  • Almond shape chain made from No 12 round bar.
  • 5.5 kW Electro-motor gear box.

Vibratory Screen

  • Covered anti-dust  screen with 1.40*1.55 m dimensions.slidde1
  • 7.5 kW Electro-motor .
  • Dust suction using the plant suction’s system.
  • 2 decks with 4 grain size (oversize).

Hot silo

  • Set of for 4 units which is made of 5 mm steel sheet  and 200*190*370 cm dimensions and 10 m2
  • Set of overflow and large grain chutes.
  • 4 discharge hatches for transmitting the filler to the scale with pneumatic motor and roll bearing.

Materials’ weighting unit

  • An amplifier and digital display to adjust different weights.materials-weighting-unit
  • weighting silo with pneumatic discharge hatch made of 5 mm steel sheet with  thickness and 170*140*140 cm dimensions.
  • 4 load-cells.
  • Digital display in  control cabin.

Weighing and Injecting Bitumen Into Mixer

  • Weighing Reservoir with 74*40*55 cm dimensions made of 5 mm steel sheet  and 2 walls equipped with hot oil coil to keep the bitumen warm.
  • Digital display in the control cabin.
  • One load-cell.
  • 3-way valve with secondary wall and hot oil transmission channels equipped with pneumatic motors.
  • 3 inches Bitumen pump with 7.5 KW electro-motor 900 rpm for injecting bitumen into the mixer.
  • 2-ply pipes to transmit bitumen from the weighting unit into the mixer.
  • 16 pipes to add the bitumen to mixer.

Filler Weighing Unit

  • Weighing silo with 60*140*50 cm dimensions made of 5mm steel sheet  and equipped with pneumatic discharge hatch.
  • Digital display in the control room.
  • Equipped with 2 load-cells systems.


  • Mixer’s body made of steel sheet 15 mm.materials-weighting-unit
  • Anti-rubbing wall made of tiles with 30*30 cm dimensions which is easily replaceable.
  • Two main axles from four sides 120*120 mm.
  • 32 anti-rubbing fistulas and arms.
  • Anti-dust cover system.
  • 45 KW Electro-motor .
  • Pneumatic hatch for discharging materials with two jacks.

Air Compressor

With 1000 lit capacity and 10 horse-power electromotor and related reservoir ,valve system and safety fixtures with related power-panelsdlide1

Plant Tower

  • Made of steel sheet 8 mm and 6 mm .
  • Each floor stands bended with opposite section.
  • Different floor skein bended in form of spout with 15 cm diameter and 40cm height.


  • After rust- rubbing operation with two anti-rusting layers and one of main color layer.

Control Cabin

  • Control cabin with 4*2 m dimensions for installing electric power- panel.control-cabin

Power Panel

  • The contactors of mechanical trap equipped with unstable round systems and electrical automatic system.


  • All of electromotor are high quality Holland.electromotor

Water Filter Model 2400 – Marini Design

  • Main tank diameter 2400 mm and 6 m height  made from 5 mm steel sheets.water-filter
  • Chimney with 1300 mm diameter and 6 m height made from 5 mm steel sheets .
  • Stands : 3 m height made from 8 inch pipes.
  • One water pump with 11 KW electro-motor  and 3000 rpm.
  • Equipped with 75 nozzle water sprinkler.
  • Fender cap.
  • Joint pipes and valves used in water recycle pool.
  • Connector channels between the filter and exhaust fan

Flask for bitumen storage with 50,000 lit capacity, Marini design

  • Dimension :9500*2400 mm.
  • Interior coiled in 4 layers made of Mansman pipe with 2 inch diameter .
  • Main body made of 5 and 6 mm steel sheets .
  • Outer wall sheet made of 2 mm steel sheets .
  • Fiberglass isolation with 50 mm thickness.
  • Equipped with float for discharging bitumen variably( in different heights).
  • Gate valve for bitumen’s entrée and egress.
  • Thermometer to display bitumen’s temperature.
  • 3 inch pump for transmitting bitumen from the flask into the bascule with 11 kw electromotor and 900 rpm.
  • 2-ply plumbery with 3 inch outer ply and 3 inch inner ply for bitumen’s transmission.
  • 1 inch Oil pump to keep the 2 plies lines warm

Oil Heater with 300,000 k/cal capacity, Marini design

  • 350*170*200 cm.sli2de1-1
  • Inner coating made of 5 mm steel sheet .
  • Isolation by rock-wool 100 mm.
  • Coating made of 2 mm steel sheet .
  • Torch with calorific capacity 300,000 k/cal per hour.
  • 2 inch Oil pump  with 7.5 kw electro-motor and 900 rpm.
  • One full automatic tableau system equipped with 2 thermostats, one pressure switch and related contactors.
  • Gate valve related to oil entrée and egress.
  • Expansion reservoir with 500 lit capacity and related stands

Asphalt Storage Silo with 20 ton Capacity

  • 200*200*400 dimensions with 20 ton capacity.
  • Made of 5 mm steel sheet.
  • Pneumatic discharge hatch .