• Asphalt Plant

    Asphalt Plant 100 -120 t/h , Asphalt Plant 120-140 t/h  , Asphalt Plant 140-160 t/h

    Mobile Asphalt Plant 60

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  • Batching Plant

    Concrete Batching Plant 30-40 , 50-60 , 60-70, 100 ,120  m3 P/H

    Mobile Batching Plants

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  • Crusher

    Crusher Plant, Jaw Crusher, Cone Crusher, 100-150, 150-200, 200-250, 250-300 T/H

    Portable Crushing Plant

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  • Block Making

    Egg-laying Block Machine & fixed block making machine100-150, 200-250,300-450,

    450-600,800-1000, 1200-1400 B/H

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  • Industrial oil

    Lubricant, Gear Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Base Oil, Grease, Motor Oil, Diesel Engine Oil,

    Turbine Oil

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  • Mixer

    Transit Mixer 4,6,7,8,9,10 12 ,90 m3


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  • sand washing
    Sand washing

    A large proportion of aggregate used in the production of concrete and road wearing materials require to be washed In order to maintain a consistent end product free from impurities

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  • warehouse

    above ground weight bridge, in ground weight bridge, warehouse (metal structure), prefabricated houses

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  • bitumen

    Additive, Asphalt, Bitumen, Blown bitumen, Polymer Modified Bitumen,


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